Two dead after volunteer ranger unleashes a hail gunfire at pub


A VOLUNTEER ranger was arrested soon after unleashing a barrage of gunfire at the car park of a pub in southern Yala province killing two pubgoers and injuring one other person last night, said today (August 12).

The shooting occurred in front of NASA Entertainment Centre with Ms.Sunmalee (surname withheld), 38, and Mr. Sukhon, 31, dead while Mr. Surasak, 41, is under treatment for a shoulder gunshot wound.

 Mr. Sompong, a security guard at the pub, said it was almost closing time when the brawl erupted. A man hit with a bottle walked out of the pub and two other men followed him with one holding a bottle of alcohol in his hand.

He intervened to stop him from attacking the injured man but was pushed away. 

 The other man walked towards his car but a woman then came out of the pub and asked him why he attacked the injured man.

This man then pulled out a firearm from his car, positioned it on the roof, and shot at the woman after which continued shooting randomly with everyone at the scene ducking for cover.

 The gunman then repeatedly hit the injured woman with his car before fleeing.

Police quickly tracked down and arrested the gunman, later identified as Mr. Haschaichan (surname withheld), 25, a volunteer ranger, who was intoxicated and also found an AK-47 assault rifle and a pistol at the front passenger seat.

He later confessed that he had a quarrel with a group of women at the pub, one of whom died after he fired the AK-47 outside the pub.


The volunteer ranger after he was arrested, top, and police inspecting the scene of crime, Front Page. Both photo: Naewna

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