Ex-minister’s grandson denied bail in drug-rape case

THE CRIMINAL Court today (August 30) denied bail to the grandson of a former minister who has been accused by a young actress of drugging and raping her at a pool villa in Soi Nak Niwat 2, Lad Phrao area, on August 9 with a complaint filed with police on August 11, Sanook.com said.

Mr. Apidis Inthulak, or Mr. M, went to Chokchai police station yesterday after being summoned by police investigators to acknowledge charges filed by Ms. Nan (assumed name), 22.

He told investigators that he had clear evidence of this case being a blackmail attempt and had caused a lot of damage to his family.

He added that his grandfather, a former foreign minister 40 to 50 years ago, passed away 10 years earlier and he did not want his family to be involved. 

He also said that he came to the police station to show his sincerity and while he had been accused of having connections with the police, he did not know anyone, and had just returned to Bangkok from Hua Hin and was shocked by this case.

However police investigators today took Apisdis to the court to ask for temporary detention stating that after nine hours of interrogation yesterday he continued to deny the allegations.

Apidis’s lawyer had brought 200,000 baht along with him as surety in applying for bail.

However Mr. Sitara Biabungkerd, or Lawyer Tum, along with the actress and her manager objected to granting bail saying they were afraid he would destroy evidence and were concerned about the safety of the actress and other witnesses.

The Criminal Court considered the bail petition but said with the petitioner objecting to temporary release for fear of evidence being destroyed and concerns about safety together with the accused refusing to let the police check Line application chats on his mobile phone there were grounds to refuse bail.


Top: Pixelated image of Mr. Apidis Inthulak. The Thai headline says, “Court denied bail.” 

Below and Front Page: The actress together with her lawyer and manager entering the court today. All photos: Sanook.com

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