Second blast on southern railway track, 3 seriously injured


A SECOND explosion occurred this morning (Dec. 6) near the railway track damaged in a blast on Saturday (Dec. 3) in Sadao district of Songkhla province that had derailed a freight train with three railway officials seriously injured this time, Matichon newspaper said.

This morning’s explosion was just 200 metres away from the original point with three of seven State Railway of Thailand officials who had come to repair the damaged track being thrown in different directions by the force of the blast.

There were no injuries in Saturday’s explosion that derailed 10 of 15 cars in the freight train.

It was reported that the team had cautiously walked in line to the explosion point and while walking back another bomb went off with three workers at the head of the line getting a direct hit while the others crouched down and ran from the scene.

Bomb disposal crews had cleared the area all of Sunday (Dec. 4) after which they returned the site to railway officials for repairs. A lot of officials from various government units, reporters and local residents had assembled at the area where the blast occurred.


Scenes from a second blast on a railway track near the first explosion that occurred last Saturday. Photos: Matichon

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