Chuwit urges Police Chief to kick out Met Police head over ‘grey capitalist’ case

FORMER MP Chuwit Kamolvisit urged National Police Chief Pol. Gen. Damrongsak Kittiprapas to dismiss Metropolitan Police Bureau Chief Pol. Lt. Gen. Thiti Saengsawang over the Chinese grey capitalist case as he alleged that the police report is loose and unconcise leaving room for the defendant’s lawyer to find loopholes to fight the case, INN News said this afternoon (Dec. 25).

Chuwit mentioned that while he had spoken about the suspects, particularly Mr. Chaiyanat Kornchaiyanant, alias Tu Hao, who was arrested on drug charges, around two months ago it was only yesterday that charges were filed.

He pointed to alleged manipulation to go by the timeline of events in this case. The raid on Jinling and Leela pubs where drugs were found took place on Oct. 26 but Chaiyanat was only arrested Nov. 22. Then again money laundering charges were filed against all the suspects in this case yesterday but not Chaiyanat.

The police were asked to answer two questions to the general public with the first one being why did they not search Wip Wap Car Wash on Oct. 26 when they raided Jinling and Leela pubs and found 4.5 kilogrammes of drugs there. This despite the car wash being in the same compound as the two pubs with the same house number. 

Police came back to search the car wash on Nov.1 and found 950 grams of narcotics there.

Chuwit alleged that the car wash was in fact a warehouse for drugs and the pubs the retail centres and that police leaving a gap of five days before searching it allowed for the removal of drugs from the premises.

While the police said the compound was cordoned off, Chuwit mentioned that only two policemen were assigned to guard it.

The second question is why was the police raid on the pubs on Oct. 26 not recorded in the crime system, which is an important database. The second search on Nov. 1 was filed in the system but the date was changed to Nov. 2.

Chuwit mentioned that on the Nov. 1 raid police had found images of Mr. Mau Yang in the surveillance camera clips yet they have not taken any action against him even though drugs were found in the premises. Moreover the police report says no perpetrators were found that day.

The former MP warned Pol. Gen. Damrongsak that if he did not sack Pol. Lt. Gen. Thiti his own chair will be shaken.


Top and Front Page: Former MP Chuwit Kamolvisit. Photos: INN News

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