30 children rushed to hospital after eating free noodles


AROUND 30 kindergarten and primary school children were rushed to nearby hospitals after all started suffering from food poisoning shortly after eating free noodles distributed on the occasion of Children’s Day, Amarin TV said this afternoon (Jan. 13).

Bangkok Metropolitan Administration’s Erawan Unit sent over ten ambulances to Wat Naknimit School in Soi Suksawat 14, Suksawat road, to take the children to the hospitals in the vicinity for medical treatment after they gradually started suffering from nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea and headache.

One female student said this morning someone had distributed packs of instant noodles fried with crab sticks, sausages, eggs, and cabbage at the gate where a table had been set up.

However later some of them  started getting stomach ache so informed the teachers.

Mr. Aekwaranyu Amrapal, BMA’s spokesperson, went to the school to follow up on what had happened. It was initially reported that the children either ate fried instant noodles or instant noodle salad and at around 9 a.m. had to be taken to the hospital after starting to vomit and getting severe diarrhoea.


Top: Small children waiting to be taken to the hospital.

Insert: A pack of fried instant noodles that was distributed to the children and made them sick. Both photos: Amarin TV

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