Court rejects bail for 10 of 12 political activists despite rally


THE CRIMINAL Court refused to grant bail to 10 out of 12 political activists despite a rally taking place for their temporary release while the petition for the other two was sent to the Appeal Court to consider, Matichon newspaper said this afternoon (Jan. 29).

Mr. Kittisak Kongthong, a lawyer who had filed the bail petition for all 12 detained political activists, said 400,000 baht had been offered for the temporarily freeing of  Mr. Watcharapol (surname withheld), the first defendant, Mr. Pholphon, the second defendant, Mr. Jatupol, the third defendant, and Mr. Natthaphon, the fourth defendant, in a case of alleged arson and property damage.

Another 200,000 baht bail was offered for releasing Mr. Katathorn, the first defendant, and Mr. Kongphet, the second defendant, with the two of them facing charges of fighting and obstructing officers.

Also offered was 100,000 baht to release Mr. Pornphot, the third defendant in this case who is charged with bringing weapons into the city.

However the court ruled that these are serious charges involving explosives which are a danger to the society and as the court has already denied bail several times it is feared that if they are temporarily released they would either flee or cause more unrest.

Yet another 100,000 baht bail was offered for freeing Mr. Thatpong, who is accused of setting off explosives and using firearms.

Nonetheless the court again refused to free him by pointing out that surveillance camera clips had been submitted as evidence and using explosives and arms are a danger to society while it is feared the suspect would either flee or cause more unrest.

An equal sum of 100,000 baht was offered as bail for the release of Mr. Surasak, who is facing charges under Section 112 of the Criminal Code, or the lese majeste law.

However this was again denied on the grounds that these are serious charges against the country’s highest institution and it is now almost time to start questioning the witnesses with there also being online material linked to the suspect.

 In addition a bail of 150,000 baht was offered for the release of  Mr. Sittichok, who has been sentenced to two years and four months in jail by the Court of First Instance, and 400,000 baht for  freeing Mr. Ukrit, who has been sentenced to five years and 30 months by the same court, but the Criminal Court decided to refer their petition to the Appeal Court.


A protest leader reading the court’s ruling on the bail petition, top, and demonstrators climbing up to Siam Skytrain station to go to the Criminal Court this morning, Jan. 29, 2023. Photos: Matichon

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