Move Forward gaining popularity with clear-cut standpoints: Academic


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THE MOVE FORWARD is exponentially gaining favour among constituents, given outspoken clarity in their campaign standpoints, than the relatively noncommittal Pheu Thai, according to a noted academic.

Wanwichit Boonprong of Rangsit University’s Faculty of Political Science said yesterday (Apr.21) the Move Forward’s increasing popularity has been largely attributed to the liberal party’s earnest, straightforward political ideologies and standpoints expressed on their campaign stumps for the May 14 general election.

For instance, Wanwichit pointed out, Move Forward leader Pita Limjaroenrat has reassured that his party will ultimately not join a government which might possibly be led by the Pheu Thai and joined by a military-led camp such as the Palang Pracharath, let alone the Ruam Thai Sang Chart under whose tickets caretaker prime minister Prayut Chan-o-cha is running to retain power.

“The Move Forward has apparently won the hearts of many people, given their heartfelt attitudes toward major political and economic issues expressed in clear-cut, unambiguous fashion,” the Rangsit academic said.

Pita confirmed that his party would ultimately choose to be part of a future opposition bloc rather than join in a Pheu Thai-led coalition which might consist of a military-led camp.

The Move Forward rank and file are strongly antagonistic to military-led parties, namely the Palang Pracharath, headed by Prawit Wongsuwan, and the Ruam Thai Sang Chart.

Both Prayut and Prawit are former army chiefs with the former staging the 2014 coup and then heading a military-installed government and the latter endorsing him as unelected prime minister after the 2019 election.

On the other hand, leading Pheu Thai figures including Paetongtarn Shinawatra, daughter of de facto Pheu Thai boss Thaksin Shinawatra, have apparently failed to take clear-cut positions toward the possibility of a Pheu Thai/Palang Pracharath alliance being formed after the nationwide election though they have openly ruled out the possibility of handing out the premiership to the Palang Pracharath leader.

None of the Pheu Thai rank and file has categorically dismissed speculation that Prawit’s party might finally be part of a Pheu Thai-led coalition government, however.

According to the Rangsit political scientist, Prawit who is running as sole partisan contender for prime minister might probably manage to join a Pheu Thai-led coalition government without himself taking the helm.

Though Prawit might fail to take the helm of government, he would probably see to it that his party becomes a partner of a Pheu Thai-led government, Wanwichit said.


Top: Move Forward leader Pita Limjaroenrat. Photo: Thai Rath

Insert: Rangsit University academic Wanwichit Boonprong. Photo: Thai Rath

Front Page: Move Forward leader Pita Limjaroenrat, left, and Progressive Movement leader Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit. Photo Matichon Weekly

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