Chadchart’s CCTVs watching ballot boxes


BANGKOK Governor Chadchart Sittipunt has installed surveillance cameras at all voting stations in the metropolis to watch the advance vote ballot boxes until election day next Sunday May 14 when the votes will be counted, Matichon newspaper said tonight (May 7).

Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) said people could to view the cameras in action at

However a number of people reported problems accessing the website on BMA’s Facebook page while others said they had no problem doing so.

Aside from CCTV cameras motion detectors too have also been installed and are in operation all 24 hours. If there is movement the system will immediately notify officials via Line messaging app.

Video clips and the time when the motion was detected will be recorded to allow officials to quickly go through the suspicious movement and take action.


A still image from a surveillance video clip taken at Don Mueang voting station. Photo: Matichon

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