Over 10,000 Covid cases in Chonburi last week


CHONBURI’S Public Health Office said today (May 22) that there were 10,648 new Covid cases and 12 deaths last week (May 14-20) with the majority being the elderly, Sanook.com said.

Of this total 13 were being treated for pneumonia while 19 require oxygen.

People in this province adjacent to Bangkok were urged to strictly follow Covid prevention measures as follows:

– Those who are infected but are either asymptomatic or only have mild symptoms should be treated on an outpatient basis but some may require hospitalisation at doctor’s discretion. They are urged to wear a face mask, wash hands frequently and keep appropriate distance from others;

– These preventive measures also apply to the general public who are urged to get their annual vaccination, particularly the elderly and those with underlying diseases who have high risk of death or getting severe symptoms should they get infected. Long Acting Antibody (LAAB) vaccine is available for those suffering from immunodeficiency disorders.

– People suffering from seven chronic diseases, pregnant women, children from six months to four years of age, the elderly over 65 years of age, those suffering from thalassemia or have impaired immunity, those who are overweight either weighing over 100 kilogrammes or have body mass index (BMI) of more than 35 and those who are mentally retarded or cannot help themselves should get both Covid and flu jabs before the rainy season sets in.


Top: A graphic image of Covid-19. Photo: Ecdc.europa.eu

Front Page: Covid self protection advice. Photo: William Murphy (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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