Fire at Pattaya condo from lights left on to grow marijuana


A FIRE at a condominium in Pattaya rented by a foreign man this afternoon (May 26) was sparked by leaving lights on to grow marijuana but fortunately there was no one there thus no injuries, TV Channel 7 said this evening (May 26).

Upon being alerted of the fire at the condo in Soi Pratumnak 5, Nong Prue subdistrict, Bang Lamung district, a policeman at Pattaya City station quickly coordinated with firemen to put it out and they rushed there with five fire engines.

At the eight-storey building they saw a lot of black smoke pouring out of a unit on the third floor and quickly went up and broke down the door to put out the fire.

Upon entering they found several cannabis plants in the unit with the source of the fire being near a lamp the tenant had left on to grow them and quickly put out the blaze. However the plants, furniture and other articles in the unit were burnt.

The condo staff said while they were working they smelt smoke and rushed up to find out where it was coming from and then saw smoke pouring out from this unit with the fire having spread to the balcony from burning curtains so called the police.

Upon being questioned they refused to identify the tenant only saying he was a foreign man.

The policemen took photos of the damaged condo and summoned the owner for interrogation.


The Pattaya condo where marijuana plants caught fire this afternoon, May 26, 2023. Photo: TV Channel 7

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