Move Forward: Polling agency asking about about hammer and sickle symbol in cartoon image


MOVE FORWARD Party’s Facebook page this morning (June 7) posted a message that the Election Commission had asked for clarification on the depiction of the crossed hammer and sickle symbol in one of the cartoon images published during campaigning for the May 14 general election, Naewna newspaper said.

In the post the party pointed out this could be part two of the Illuminati case whereby the Constitutional Court cleared the dissolved Future Forward Party of a sedition charge over alleged link to an upside-down triangle logo that is supposed to be the symbol of the Illuminati.

Progressive Movement leader Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit, who used to lead the Future Forward Party that the Constitutional Court dissolved over a loan it received from him and which was practically renamed as the Move Forward Party, is currently banned from the political arena for 10 years beginning in 2020.

Move Forward said today that Future Forward got 6,330,617 votes leading to 81 of its MPs being elected in the 2019 general election yet it was dissolved.

In the May 14, 2023 general election Move Forward Party got 14,438,851 votes more than any other party with this shocking the powers-that-be.

On April 18, 2023 the party published a set of cartoon illustrations to introduce its party-list MPs with this showing workers joining a labour network and among the symbols depicted are a sewing machine, tyres, machines, wrenches, screwdrivers, and a crossed hammer and a sickle. However the party said the images were meant to convey the tools workers use to build the world.

The polling agency’s letter to the party says the following:

“Please note that according to Move Forward Party’s message and pictures posted on its Facebook page on April 18, 2023 on the topic ‘Prepare to meet the series on Move Forward’s party list’ What does the post refer to? Who do the characters appearing in the accompanying pictures refer to? How? What does this mean? What does the crossed hammer and sickle symbol that appears in one of the pictures mean?  And why did you have to use the crossed hammer and sickle symbol to accompany the characters in the said post?”


Some of the cartoon images published by Move Forward Party on April 18, 2023. Photos: Naewna from Move Forward Party Facebook page

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