Thailand hit by worst dengue fever outbreak in three years


THE government issued a warning today (June 12) for people to protect themselves and their children as the country is now going through the worst dengue fever outbreak in three years, said.

Ms. Trisulee Trisoranakul, deputy spokesperson for the Prime Minister’s Office, said the Public Health Ministry urged the public to beware of this fever which has spiked since January.

The five-month total from January to May has reached 18,173 patients, with this being 4.2 times higher than last year and the highest number in three years with 15 patients having died so far.

There are now 900 patients and one death per week with Bangkok, Trat, Nan, Chanthaburi, Rayong and Mae Hong Son registering the most cases.

Moreover the age groups with the highest number of cases are  5- to 14-year-old children followed by 15- to 24-year-old youths.

Initially a dengue fever patient will have high fever for two to seven days accompanied by body ache, muscle and eye pain with both the body and eyes turning red. If it is suspected that a child is suffering from dengue fever he/she should be immediately taken to see a doctor.

The public is also advised to join a campaign to eradicate Aedes mosquito breeding grounds by regularly inspecting the area around their house and drain out stagnant water in planters, vases, buckets, bowls and old car tyres among other objects as well as still water sources.


A woman scratches her arm after being bitten by an Aedes mosquito. Photo:

An Aedes mosquito. Photo by Nuzree from Pixabay

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