Chadchart: Kissing woman on the cheek not linked to official position


BANGKOK Governor Chadchart Sittipunt this morning (June 22) clarified that photos of him kissing a woman on the cheek during a surprise birthday party that have now gone viral online are not linked to his official position, Matichon newspaper said.

Chadchart said actually he did not want to comment on the photos but had to confirm that they are of him kissing the unidentified woman on the cheek because he did not want his twin brother, Dr. Chanchai Sittipunt, to get into trouble.

The incident took place last month during a surprise birthday party in a private area and attended by a number of friends.

“Really, it’s similar to the Western tradition of kissing each other on the cheeks, it’s normal. It’s about adults partying but accidentally involves someone who is not a public figure.

“If this issue is inappropriate, I apologise. It would be a lesson to be more careful because I am a public person,” he said.

Chadchart added that he did not think the photos would be published nor does he think they are related to his work as Governor of Bangkok.

However as there is another person involved publishing them might not be good but he himself had no problem because he is a public person.

Asked whether they are just friends or have a relationship, Chadchart said not to talk about it as it involves another person and has nothing to do with being Bangkok governor.


Bangkok Governor Chadchart Sittipunt and one of the photos circulating online showing him kissing an unidentified woman on the cheek during a surprise birthday party. Credit: Matichon

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