Mae Sai district chief transferred over sex trafficking of teen girls


IMMEDIATELY transferred today (July 7) were the chief and deputy chief of Chiang Rai’s Mae Sai district after raids of two karaoke lounges on the Thai-Myanmar border found girls younger than 18 years of age serving customers with this being illegal sex trafficking of minors, MNG Online said.

Mr. Manrat Rattanasukhon, director-general of Interior Ministry’s Provincial Administration Department, transferred Mr. Narongphon Kidread, Mae Sai’s district chief, and Mr. Chakrin Tangpipatsub, the deputy chief, to the head office.

Yesterday Chiang Rai Governor Puttipong Sirimat had transferred Mai Sai’s two deputy chiefs, with Chakrin being one of them and the other Mr. Chitkit Thiwongkwiang, to assist with administrative work at the provincial head office.

However Chakrin was today transferred to the Bangkok head office.

This followed raids of two karaoke lounges on Thai-Myanmar border at Wiang Phang Kham subdistrict that were mounted by a special operations team of this department who were assisted by Narcotics Control Board Region 5 and Ministry of Social Development and Human Security officials.

Six girls under the age of 18 were found serving clients with sex service indicated and other offences too uncovered

One of the two karaoke bars on the Thai-Myanmar border in Chiang Rai raided by officials, above, and one of the teenage girls found there, Front Page. Photos: MNG Online

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