Thai coconut sundae a hit in San Diego


HELPING build a reputation for Thai desserts in the US is an ice cream parlour in San Diego started by two Thai men with a cool idea of serving coconut sundae in half coconut shell and importing ingredients from Thailand to make this treat, Naewna newspaper said today (May 28).

Called Cocobomb, the parlour was launched by Mr. Thanet Bancharahattakij, 32, and Mr. Panaset Netiakaratawat, 43, to meet a demand for Thai desserts as there were no shops in this city selling them. People who yearned for Thai treats had to go to the Thai town in Los Angeles to get some.

They decided to make fresh coconut ice cream in-house after finding out what was available in this city is nothing like what they get in Thailand.

Their product also does not contain any milk or animal ingredients while being gluten-free so that everyone could enjoy it.

Such is their success that Fox 5 television station ran a news video about their venture.

As expected, the most popular item is coconut sundae with three scoops served in a half coconut shell where the meat has been scooped out with patrons having a choice of some toppings but the most popular is mango.

The next favourite is mango and sticky rice sprinkled with sesame seeds with this too made in-house.


Cocobomb ice cream parlour and its patrons. Photos: Naewna

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